Abstract Information

We are inviting papers for abstract and oral presentations. Once you create an account kindly login to the website with your email id and password you created for the account. You will get abstract instructions, sample abstract, and a link to upload your abstract after login. Kindly upload your abstract and we will send you further instructions with an acceptance letter (if accepted).

If you do not wish you present a paper then also you are welcome to join us as a participant. You need to create an account with details so that we can send you a conference link to join. Registration is mandatory for all participants.

Poster Information
For Poster presentation, the allotted time is 3 minutes, for which you have to send a video presentation with embedded audio in advance i.e. by 08:00 P.M. on 18th November 2022

Oral Information
For oral presentation, the allotted time is 7+3 minutes, for which you have to be present live.
Presenters will have the following opportunities to present their research and communicate with attendees:
Submit a three-minute recorded presentation.
Participate in real-time and asynchronous discussions with attendees on our online platform.
Please submit your poster as a video with embedded audio (mp4) as one file to CRCA by 15th October 2022 by 8 pm only. (You will receive a link for uploading video from crcadelhi@gmail.com) If you do not receive the upload link, please directly email at crcadelhi@gmail.com

Name your poster file using your name oral/ poster followed by presentation number “-1” (e.g., Munendra Singh Tomar, Poster - 1; Kushal Kandhari, Oral - 1).