About Us

16th International Cancer Symposium on “Translational Chemoprevention” and Brain Storming is being organized at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India on 18-19 November 2022. This symposium is being organised by the School of Life Sciences and Special Centre for Systems Medicine, JNU, New Delhi, India and Cancer Research and Care Academy, India.

 In association with Indo-U.S. Virtual Networked “Centre for Integrative Cancer Biology and Therapeutics; University of Colorado, Denver, USA; University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center, Pittsburgh, USA; University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Oklahoma, USA and Oregon Health and Science University, USA. 

The symposium aims to highlight recent advances in all major areas of cancer chemoprevention and provide a platform for brain storming on issues related translation potential of research findings for control and management of cancer. Further, the meeting will highlight the current knowledge and future perspectives through specific sessions, panel discussions, oral and poster presentations.